Tuning In To Our Volunteers 2016-2017

Thanks to generous support from the Community Radio Fund of Canada Radiometres Program, Peach City Radio was able to boost its volunteer resources in 2016/2017. Read the grant application form here.

Part of the project resulted in a series of training tools designed to help new volunteers get started - whether as emerging programmers or general station helpers.

These training videos were made possible through the generous support of the Community Radio Fund of Canada. Please enjoy the following videos...

CFUZ Station Location

Need help finding the CFUZ studio? Tune in to find the Peach City Radio (CFUZ) studio location at the Cannery Trade Centre in Penticton BC

How To Listen to CFUZ

Learn how to tune in to our station online.

CFUZ Handheld Recorder Basics

How to use our Zoom H1 handheld recorders.

Microphone Technique

Learn the basics when it comes to handling a microphone in the CFUZ Studio.

CRTC Compliance: CanCom

Learn the ins and outs of Canadian Content and Community Radio.

CRTC Compliance: Hits

What's a hit, and why won't you hear one very often on community radio?

CRTC Compliance: Specialty Music

Why is specialty music so important to community radio?

Programmer Training Documents

The following table includes the available programming related training documents in PDF format, developed specifically under this grant.