CFUZ 92.9fm 2022 Municipal Election Coverage

Long-Form Interviews: Mayoral Candidates

CFUZ volunteers invited all mayoral candidates registered in the 2022 BC Municipal Elections to sit for a long-form interview in our studio. The three candidates who were able to participate provided interviews that we have made available via links on this page. Note that the volunteers and CFUZ do not endorse any political candidate. The interviews may have been modified solely for audio quality, and were not modified for content.

Election Forum Recordings

Please follow the links below to YouTube, where CFUZ has made available audio from various live broadcasts of election forum events in advance of the 2022 BC Municipal Elections in Penticton and surrounding areas.

The Peach City Community Radio Society provides this as a free service to help educate listeners in our area who vote. We encourage all listeners to cast their ballot in the upcoming BC Municipal Elections on October 15, 2022.

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