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Peach City Community Radio Society (PCCRS) is a not-for-profit society located in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada.
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CFUZ Municipal Election Coverage
October 9, 2022 by CFUZ

Please follow this link to find our 2022 Municipal Election Coverage.
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2022 Okanagan Vinyl Fest
September 24, 2022 by CFUZ

We are pleased as punch to welcome back a musical institution to Penticton after a 2 year hiatus. The 2022 Okanagan Vinyl fest - taking place on Sunday September 25, 2022. Okanagan Vinyl Fest is the largest record fair in the BC Interior, attracting over 40 tables of new and used vinyl records, cassettes, posters and audio gear.

Sponsor packages are also still available for any business who is interested in supporting this great event. Our live broadcast to our internet stream will feature all sponsors prominently, and your business will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting the development of true community-based radio in Penticton. Contact us at support@peachcityradio.org or visit our web page for more details (click here).

This year, our live broadcast will commence at 9:00AM and run until 3PM. Early bird shopping will begin at 9AM, and at that time, admission is $5 for the privilege of having first crack at all the vendors have to offer. General admission is $3 per person, and doors open at 10AM. The first 100 patrons to the 2022 OKVF will receive a special gift - make sure you get there early!

Thank you to our Swag Sponsor Valley First, our Sound Lounge Sponsor Guerard's Furniture, our LP sponsors Iron Turtle Services and The Grooveyard and to our Stylus Sponsors The South Okanagan Events Centre and the Dream Café!

CFUZ Municipal Election Forum Broadcast
September 24, 2022 by CFUZ

The CFUZ recording from the Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce municipal election all-candidates forum coverage can be heard and/or downloaded from this link.

If you feel this is a necessary service that is provided by your community radio station, please consider making a donation to help keep CFUZ alive in Penticton!

CFUZ is committed to ensuring that our listenership is as educated as possible on the issues, and where each candidate stands on those issues. As such, we will be broadcasting additional forums in the near future. Please check back to this page for details in the coming days.

Unreal ONAIRversary Success!
February 12, 2022 by CFUZ

ONAIRversary 2022 was declared an unmitigated success by CFUZ President Jackie Del Rizzo, on Saturday February 12, 2022.

The efforts of numerous volunteers and sponsors culminated in an unprecedented amount of donations collected at the station on February 5, and throughout the following week. In total, generous listeners donated $14,430 to CFUZ through cash donations, and by participating in our first ever NOT-SO-SILENT Auction.

Board members are still reeling from the sheer generosity of listeners. In the meantime, auction winners have been notified via email regarding pickup of their items. Those who donated cash, and are eligible for station premiums (swag) will be notified once the items have arrived at the station. At that time, CFUZ will organize 2-3 pickup times where donors can swing by to collect their thank-you gifts.

Third Annual ONAIRversary!
January 12, 2022 by CFUZ

There is something special happening on Saturday February 5th, 2022!

CFUZ Peach City Radio is celebrating our third full year on the airwaves at 92.9FM. It's our ONAIRversary!

All of the talented programmers at CFUZ are gearing up for an amazing day of unique content to mark the occasion. We invite you to join the adventure! You'll hear a variety of programmers sharing the music they are passionate about, giving updates from the station, and explaining why community radio is so dang important.

This adventure continues with involvement from our community members. Your donations and participation help us grow and prosper as a staple of the FM airwaves in Penticton. Funds raised helps cover rent, licensing fees, equipment, training and other necessities needed to run a radio station. As CFUZ is completely managed and run by volunteers, every donated dollar goes to keeping the studio, station equipment, and systems running, pumping locally produced content on the airwaves.

Donations can be made online (CFUZ.ca), safely in person at the Cannery Trade Centre parking lot in front of the CFUZ studio at 1475 Fairview Road, or over the phone (236-422-0929). We’ve got some great thank you gifts lined up, more on that in future posts!

We'll also be holding a silent auction. If your business is interested in donating a product or service please contact our Support Department. Local businesses supporting local radio.

Be sure to check this page for more updates, and we're excited to hear from you on Saturday February 5th!.

Listen. Donate. Join Adventure!

CFUZ ONAIRversary 2.0
January 19, 2021 by CFUZ

On Saturday February 6 2021, CFUZ Peach City Radio will celebrate our second full year on the air at 92.9 FM.

To mark the occasion, the volunteers at the station are preparing a full day of live programming that will show off our locally created radio programs. The program hosts will be asking listeners to make donations of any amount to keep 92.9 FM humming along on our 50 watt transmitter, and pumping out local greatness through our antenna on top of the Cannery Trade Centre in Penticton.

Now you might be asking yourself, how much should I donate? Well it depends on how much of this cool stuff you want...

Come on down to the station parking lot to safely donate a fist full of change (any little bit helps!) and you will be the proud recipient of a SHOUT level donation gift of an on-air shout-out from one of our awesome volunteers. A donation of $10 or more snags you a LINK level donation gift of a pair of CFUZ 92.9FM carabiner keychains. A donation of $25 or more entitles you to the SHARE level donation gift of a CFUZ 92.9FM tote bag. A donation of $60 or more garners you a brand new, and highly coveted, PLUG level donation gift of a CFUZ Connect 92.9FM T-SHIRT. Or, if you prefer to think of your donations as a daily contribution, for just $1 per day (or a total of $365) you would be eligible for the CONNECT level donation of a custom CFUZ Connect 92.9FM jigsaw puzzle. Donations at all levels cascade - meaning your donation at any given level entitles you to receive all the gifts from the lower level donations! What a deal!

There will be more great giveaways throughout the day of special gifts and sponsor donated packages, so make sure you listen for your chance to grab some more great swag.

Donations can be made online (CFUZ.ca), safely in person at the Cannery Trade Centre parking lot in front of the CFUZ studio at 1475 Fairview Road, or over the phone (236-422-0929).

Our goal is to raise $4000 which will go a long way in helping us with our transmission costs, volunteer training and continual improvement of this station.

Mark your calendars, tune in and make a donation on February 6th.

Caught in the Act Musician Applications Open
October 19, 2020 by CFUZ

Today, CFUZ opened the application process for local musicians to participate in the Caught in the Act program.

During the course of the Caught in the Act grant program, as many as 20 performances by local musicians will be captured on audio and video, and will be streamed live as they happen to the public. Local musicians are encouraged to fill our the online application form early.

Successful acts will be contacted on or after December 1, 2020, and the performances are due to begin in January 2021.

Follow the link below to the online application form for musicians.

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