Broadcasting Canada
Kevin Caners
Peach City Radio is thrilled to be able to bring this 20 part mini series from Kevin Caners and CIUT Toronto's 'The Public', celebrating the CBC : Broadcasting Canada.

In 2012, Kevin Caners launched a new radio program, The Public, based in Toronto. Showcasing long-form interviews with noted thinkers, artists, and public figures, The Public has featured a plethora of guests from Noam Chomsky to Judy Rebick to John Ralston Saul.

Now, to celebrate public broadcasting in Canada, and moved by increasing threats to the CBC from the federal government, Kevin is launching a series to showcase the important role CBC has played as our national and publicly funded forum for debate, culture, and discussion.

Broadcasting Canada aims to celebrate the voices that have been reaching out to us over the airwaves for decades and discover more about the hosts and interviewers that have helped us navigate the social fabric of Canada for so long.

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