Upcoming Meetings November 2012
Our Society Annual General Meeting is coming up on November 20, 2012 at the Shatford Center. Before that happens, all Peach City Radio volunteer committees are meeting in the next two weeks to talk about plans for the future. Joining a committee is a great way to start getting invovled in our effor to make community radio happen in Penticton. If you can afford to spend even just a few hours per month helping out, that will go a long way to moving us forward along our path.

There are 4 committees currently established within Peach City Radio, which represent the entire breadth of what we are currently working on. If you any of these committees strike a chord with you, please consider joining them in the near future!

Fundraising Committee changing name to Community Support Committee
We are looking for interested Peach City Radio members to sit on the Community Support Committee (formally called the Fundraising Committee). The name change reflects the need to focus on viable financial support from the community both now and when the station is running. Community support includes donations, grants, business sponsorship and business message placement. The intent is to develop the revenue portion of the Peach City Radio business plan and help define what Peach City Radio will sound like. The committee will look closely at existing Community radio stations and help figure out tactics that would work here and report our findings to the Peach City Board. Idea people are very welcome but we need volunteers willing to roll up their sleeves, focus in on what we need to accomplish right now and make this station a reality. If that is you please join!
Community Suport Committee Meeting: Tuesday, October 30 2012, 6:30pm at the Elite Restaurant
For more information, contact fundraising -at- peachcityradio.org

Programming Committee Meeting
The next meeting of the Programming Committee has been scheduled. This committee hasn't met for a while, but with the Society AGM coming up, this is a good time to get together and begin planning the activities for 2013. Programmers are now able to have their content available on our website, and eventually will be able to be on the airwaves in Penticton. This committee is charged with implementing new ways to train and inspire members of our Society to generate content for Peach City Radio on a regular basis. This committee will also assist and advise the Board of Directors in establishing the framework for policies that will guide Peach City Radio programming into the future. If you are interested in getting involved in this aspect of Peach City Radio, then this committee is for you.
Programming Committee Meeting: Thursday, November 1 2012, 5:30pm at the Elite Restaurant For more information, contact programming -at- peachcityradio.org

Technical Committee Meeting
At this stage in Peach City Radio development, we are working hard on getting our web presence up to speed and keeping it relevant. Currently, this involves work on designing and creating web pages to include both written and audio content, and design and implementation of back-end mySQL databases using PHP. This committee will eventually evolve into the body that will advise the Board of Directors on issues surrounding sourcing, purchasing and arranging the installation of all broadcast and ancillary equipment for our station. If you have skills in any of these areas, and are willing to get involved and make things happen, we'd love to see you on this committee!
Technical Committee Meeting: Tuesday, November 6 2012, 6:00pm at the Elite Restaurant For more information, contact tech -at- peachcityradio.org

Promotions Committee Meeting
The Promotions Committee has been very active during the past 12 months, being involved in organizing and running many events, from the Peach City Radio booths at the Penticton Community Market, to Peach City Radio DJ Nights at the Elite. This committee is all about mobilizing Peach City Radio members in and around the community to get the word out about what we are trying to accomplish. They work hand in hand with other committees and the Board of Directors in promoting Peach City Radio events. The Promotions Committee holds monthly meetings, and their next meeting is happening just a few days prior to the next DJ night at Voodoo's Lounge.
Promotions Committee Meeting: Wednesday, November 14 2012, 5:15pm at Voodoos Lounge For more information, contact promotions -at- peachcityradio.org